My background is in the humanities (bachelor’s degree in European Languages and Cultures, Modena, 2009), merged with managerial theory (graduate degree in Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts, Bologna, 2011). For the past three years, I have worked as project manager in the field of culture and theatre, especially in the (web) marketing and development departments. For the University of Bologna, I launched and developed the Università Fuori Orario (UFO), a programme of evening events designed for students. At the Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation in Modena, I worked for the organisation of the cultural project Il Ratto d’Europa by Claudio Longhi.

I love travelling and getting to know new realities. I am fluent in English and French and can speak Spanish, thanks to a number of international experiences,  including my Erasmus at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, and an exchange programme at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh. This experience in the US was essential for my future career, because I completed specific courses on Negotiation and Strategic Communication. Later on, at the European Commission in Brussels (Communication Unit), I designed and implemented the social media strategy for youth mobility programmes, as part of my traineeship.

I have a deep interest in new technologies and I can use different kinds of software, including graphic design, desktop publishing, video-making, database management software and content management systems. I can work on tight deadlines, I can manage stressful situations and problem-solve efficiently. You’d better not ask me to sing, and never trust my sense of direction.