I studied fundraising during my Graduate degree in Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts (Department of Economics, University of Bologna), then during the continuing education course on Events Management organised by Giffoni Academy – COM2. During my studies in the USA (Arts Management, 2010), I had the opportunity to observe closely the American approach to fundraising. After graduating, I decided to further develop my knowledge of the field, with an intensive course on Tools and Strategies to Fundraise by Massimo Coen Cagli at Fondazione Fitzcarraldo in Turin.

During the first months of 2015, as a consultant fundraiser for a theatre company, I conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign, aimed at taking a theatre show to Argentina. I planned and supervised the different milestones of the campaign: from choosing the right platform to copyrighting, from graphic design to mailing, from communication on social media to managing the “rewards”.

I am also familiar with offline fundraising from other markets, thanks to the experience as fundraiser for the European Youth Parliament (EYP), already during my studies. With the support of sponsors and foundations, in 2008 we could organise in Bologna an Italian session of the EYP, which gathered hundreds of youngsters from all around Italy and Europe.

I am a member of ASSIF, Associazione Italiana Fundraiser.